Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Craft Mornings..... Busy Making!

Wednesday mornings after the rush of getting 5 children out of the house and to school on time, are spent with my sister.  We have a little craft morning and then I make something nice for lunch. It also means that I actually sit down and eat instead of rushing around like a crazy bird!!
So after opening a shop on Etsy 5 Little Jelly Kanes I have been busy making lots of cute jewellery and pom pom garlands. The shop has loads of little pieces now and is slowly getting fuller.
I really love vintage pieces and so a lot of my items have a vintage feel to them whether it be roses, buttons, or ribbons. I'm such a magpie that I collect wherever I go so this was a great way to do something creative with all my bits and pieces.

I've been busy making hair grips and brooches and also earrings... here's a few of the selection but please feel free to pop by the shop, and follow my page. I've tried to keep all the pieces at reasonable prices and they all come gift wrapped. They do make unique little gifts as they are all handmade.
I have also set up another fb page for all these and my painted furniture which is 

Alice In wonderland Brooch

Bird and Button Brooch

Blue Set Of 3 Hair Grips

Pretty Red Polka Dot Earrings

Pretty I Love You Brooch

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