Friday, 28 December 2012

Cupcakes for Sir David Attenborough

Last year many of you may remember that I made cupcakes for Sir David Attenborough I had to make 100 cute penguin cupcakes for his preview at the Mayfair hotel.
Well this year I was again asked to make them this year 100 cupcakes were made for his documentary about the Galapagos islands. So I made 50 turtles and 50 lizards to go on the 100 cupcakes and took them down to London!!!
Eeeek exciting :)
My sister Amie came with me in the train and we had a great day obviously had to pop to Hummingbird Bakery ... I've been a few times but Amie never had.
So so excited to be asked again and was told that Sir David himself ate one of the cupcakes so more than chuffed :)

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