Friday, 28 December 2012

Cupcakes for Sir David Attenborough

Last year many of you may remember that I made cupcakes for Sir David Attenborough I had to make 100 cute penguin cupcakes for his preview at the Mayfair hotel.
Well this year I was again asked to make them this year 100 cupcakes were made for his documentary about the Galapagos islands. So I made 50 turtles and 50 lizards to go on the 100 cupcakes and took them down to London!!!
Eeeek exciting :)
My sister Amie came with me in the train and we had a great day obviously had to pop to Hummingbird Bakery ... I've been a few times but Amie never had.
So so excited to be asked again and was told that Sir David himself ate one of the cupcakes so more than chuffed :)

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Not Goodbye.... Just See You Soon

I sat for a while today thinking how do I tell everyone the following news and decided the best way was in my blog....

I have decided to close my shop ! I know I'm heartbroken. But the truth of the matter is I just physically, emotionally and financially can not do it any longer. 

Many of you know me and you know my family and circumstances, for those of you that don't know I am a mummy of 5 children two with additional needs.
Charlie has a big year ahead of him next year he has cerebral palsy and needs a series of operations and lots of physio. I run the shop mostly on my own during the week and after 16 years together my husband and i separated 6 months ago.
Its been such a tough year for me I'm drained....

I love my shop and all my customers and you've all kept me going this year but after sitting down and thinking long and hard ... (and this has been the hardest decision) on Christmas eve i will close my doors.

We've done so many amazing things this year and raised money for some amazing charities and had great parties and workshops.... I'll miss all these things..
I'll miss customers coming in for a natter and sometimes a cuddle and gossip. I feel this shop is more than a shop its been a meeting place for so many people and my customers have also been through so much too and we've all helped each other!

Knitting group and craft group...what can i say many of you are now my friends and i hope that still remains maybe we need to find a new venue or even my house...i promise to buy great coffee and bake cakes:)... you know who you all are and I love you've been a great support to me and kept me going on days I didn't want to even get out of bed..

I'm crying writing this so I want to end on a positive note!! You see I'm closing the shop but I will not be closing my business I will bake cakes and cupcakes from home so you can all still place your orders.
Anyone with orders please do not worry I still will be making them for you just as before from my home.

There will be a huge sale in the shop and everything must be sold even down to tables and chairs, mugs, gifts, oven and yes even my beautiful red fridge!!

So that's it really, after sobbing into my laptop I wanted to not say Goodbye...Just see you soon

I wish you all a very merry Christmas and lets hope 2013 is a great one

Thank you for all your love and support every one of you

kelly xxxxxxxxxxxx