Tuesday, 3 July 2012


I've been meaning to write this blog post for a long time but today I finally sat down to write it.
Twitter, facebook and blogs are a great tool for advertising and raising awareness so this is my contribution to them!!
On Monday 27th August 22 of my friends will be raising money and awareness for 5 fabulous charities.
All 22 men on this charity ride have either been helped directly by these charities or have friends/ family who have... their dedication and commitment to this race is nothing short of amazing and I'm so proud to call them my friends.
From Monday 27th August the bikers will do a lap of silver stone f1 circuit and then travel 400 miles over 4 days through France and Belgium and ending on Thursday 30th August at Belgium spa. They will then spend the weekend cheering on the f1 drivers.

They have a huge task ahead of them and a huge amount to raise for the charities listed...hoping to raise a massive £20,000. Which will be split equally.

A few of you may remember or know of the Jasper Trust that we supported back in February this is My lovely friends Simon and Anya's little boy who was diagnosed with leukaemia... so happy to say hes making amazing progress, his daddy will be one of the riders.
Little Jasper truely is a little star.

My other friend Richard will also be one of the riders, Richard has been behind the whole idea and campaigning for Ride2Spa Richard has MS and his determination and positive attitude is nothing short of inspiring ... I always tell him hes my hero - he really is.

I watch all the videos and posts that are put onto their facebook page, please pop along and like this page...

ride2spa also has a website where you can visit and see the map of the ride, all the costings of the trip (which each rider has paid for out of their own pocket) and follow their progress.

The cupcake queen will be helping raise some of the money too (we hope!!!!) we will be having a collection tin in the shop... also raffle tickets to win some lovely prizes. But also after joking with Richard that I would do a lap of the F1 track on my vintage pashley I decided to actually do it!!
Surely seeing this...yes there will be photos!! hehe is worth a couple of pounds:)
I would love you to help support these amazing charities... I know that money is tight for many people at the moment but even £1 helps...I have over 2100 people on my facebook page


over 750 followers on twitter staffordcupcake

and a huge amount of people who daily read my blog if we could just turn each like, follow or view into £1 that's a huge difference you would be making to other peoples lives.... you will ever know the actually difference you have made but I see daily the difference these charities have made to my friends and I can hand on heart tell you its worth every penny of your pound.

If you would like to be so kind as to donate please visit ride2spa.com and follow the links

Many Many thanks from the bottom of my heart

Kelly xxxxx