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Saturday, 5 November 2011

NEC Cake International Nov 2011

Yesterday I went to Cake International at the NEC in Birmingham.  I had brought my tickets back in June and couldn't be any more excited!!! I made my sister Amie come with me although she really enjoyed the day too.

I have to say I did think it would be bigger inside than it was but there was still plenty to see.

We made our way around the show although the crowds were huge so it was difficult to see the stands properly and you had to be prepared to be elbowed and pushed (so many rude people!!)

I ended up spending a small fortune on lovely new cutters, moulds and tins. We got to meet the lovely Mich Turner and Debbie Brown both were very lovely and also Lindy Smith who was actually really rude to her staff.

Any way after doing the stands we went to have a look at the competition entries there were some amazing cakes....I was particularly amazed by the children's categories if they are this good as a child goodness knows what they will make as adults!! 

I have took some photos to show you but to be honest I was so busy looking (and shopping) I kept forgetting to get my camera out :(

The show is on from 4 - 6 th November if you are going this weekend have a fab time

happy baking

kelly xx

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