Sunday, 20 November 2011

My Lovely New Shop

     I know a lot of you already know that I will be opening my new shop. But there was so much I wanted to say that my status on facebook will only take so many words...and as you all know i talk a lot!!

I've wanted to open a shop for as long as i can remember... I've had an amazing response from everyone i'm so over whelmed thank you all. I cant wait to get my keys now and start making it mine. I have so many ideas and wanted to share a few with you.....

The shop / cafe  / cupcakery....(I really don't know what to call it, its all those and more)... will have a very homely vintage feel as you know I am a huge cath kidston fan... firstly because her prints and beautiful products are amazing but mostly because she started her business very small making/mending doing up, and selling vintage items before the word vintage was really heard..and with only £15,000 opened her first shop.Her story is an inspiration.
So the shop will have this feel to it wooden dressers, floral prints, pretty wallpaper and a lovely open plan kitchen with open shelves.

I've ordered the most beautiful handmade cards and gift tags from Little Patch and kelly has also made some lovely aprons.
I will also stock lovely gifts for the home and for presents for family and friends at great prices too.
Some of these have been handcrafted by some very clever people... i feel its great to support other local business's too.
I will continue to stock cupcake and cake equipment moulds, cutters, boxes, boards, glitters etc so if you love to make cakes/cookies too then you can pop by and get some supplies.

I will still continue to make cakes and cupcakes to order for all occasions and have been very busy making lots of fake cakes for my window display. But as well as orders I will bake everyday fresh cakes, cupcakes, cookies, scones and cake pops for you to stop by and have a drink and a cake.

There are 2 floors to the shop and upstairs will also be open for the cafe with table and chairs and sofas but there will also be a children's area with plenty to occupy the children whilst you catch up with friends(there will be a stair gate across the top to use if you want your child to play without worrying about the stairs)

Out of cafe hours the shop is going to be used for many events.... children's birthday parties, workshops mine and other craft people, hen party's, baby showers and also for smaller occasions such as christenings with vintage tea and coffee makes a change to going to the pub after.All these occasions will be made extra special for you all.... Details and price lists for all these occasions will be put up very soon although you can email me to note your interest and then i will contact you with all the information...

email me at :

During the year we will celebrate all the occasions whether it be valentines, mothers day..etc you will be able to pop in for your gifts/cupcakes but also we will be doing lots of little offers and workshops some for children make mummy a cupcake for mothers day for example. As a mummy of 5 children i know that child friendly is so important and children love to play and join in with making things so I promise never to forget the little ones and always put plenty on for them too.

I'm hoping that you are all as excited as i am about opening and cant wait to welcome you all in... being stuck in my kitchen for the last year has been lovely but i cant wait to see you all and catch up properly you will always be made to feel welcome..because if it wasn't for all of you i wouldn't be writing this today so thank you...

and whilst writing my thank yous i also wanted to thank my family who have faith in me and put up with the endless phone calls when i come up with a new idea!!
 especially my poor sister who has quit her job to work for me and who is made to trawl around everywhere with me.
my children for bouncing off the walls with excitement
And lastly to my husband for today looking at me whilst I baked and said" you make me so proud of you"
Richard I love you always xx

Happy baking everyone!!

kelly xx

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  1. Wishing you the very very best of luck- may your venture be blessed from the day you open!
    Warm Wishes,