Saturday, 22 October 2011

Silver Spoons Mich Turner Range Review : Vanilla Icing

   You can imagine my excitement when a box arrived on my doorstep by the lovely people from Baking Mad.  Inside the box was the new range by Silver Spoon designed by Mich Turner.

Mich Turner is the owner of Little Venice Cake Company  based in London, and as stated on the packaging she really is the Queen of Couture cakes her work is fabulous !!

Inside the package was a box of vanilla icing, a packet of marzipan and 3 lustre pots, pearl, bronze and gold.  I decided to use the vanilla icing first I had a cake to make for a little boy which was an under the sea theme party .....

My initial thoughts about the icing was wow lovely packaging. The box is beautiful and very classy with all the details set out clearly on the box inside the icing is wrapped in silver wrap... My second thoughts were yummy...which was the delicious vanilla smell as i opened the packet.

My under sea cake was for Alfie the cake was vanilla with a vanilla butter cream and raspberry jam.

I coloured the icing with a bit of blue and a bit of green colour paste for the sea.  The icing was so lovely and smooth to work with and went on the cake beautifully.

I had cut a bit off the icing to use for the decorations I used it to mould an octopus, submarine and other sea creatures. I have to say I didn't need to use cornflour on my fingers once.  Even when adding the different colour pastes to the icing it stayed lovely and didn't go sticky once...(unlike some icings which I have used in the past and will never use again!!)

The cake was made to match Alfies party decorations ....

When Alfies mummy came to pick up the cake I opened the box lid to show her and the vanilla smell was just delicious, I later had a message from Alfies mummy to say " The cake was stunning and tasted as good as it looked, and everyone commented" 

 I have since made lots more cakes and all of them have been covered in Silver Spoons Vanilla icing.
(I brought mine from Sainsburys)
It's £1 a box more expensive than my usual icing at about £3.69 per 1 kg box but worth every penny!!!

I'll be reviewing the lustres and marzipan very soon so look out for that review.

Have a go and let me know what you think...I think you'll love it!!

Happy Baking

Love Kelly xxx


  1. Lucky Alfie!!What a wonderful creation..

  2. Look forward to trying these products :)

  3. If you're quick you might get some in b&m (august exp date) for £1 a kilo! I love bargains. pleased to see good review as I have just bought 10 boxes!