Wednesday, 26 October 2011

How to cover a fake cake (hungry caterpillar cake)

  I love the story of The Hungry Caterpillar and so does my youngest William (age 3) he has us read the same book ever night to him.  I had wanted to make some fake cakes for a while so that I could take them to various events with me... so combined the 2 together.

I made the cake with 2 polystyrene circles placed them on top of each other and wrapped them with cling film. 1 to make sure the 2 circles stay together and 2 so that you can reuse them later on if wanting to change the design.

Then wet the outside of the cling filmed circle..this allows the icing to stick to it.

Next roll out the sugar paste onto dusted icing sugar worktop.

Next using your smoother gently go over all the icing

Carefully lift the sugar paste and place over the polystyrene cake

And smooth over again....

Nice smooth can do all these step by step guides with a normal cake which you should cover with buttercream and then pop in the fridge for 15 minutes just to set.

Using the book for ideas i made rows and rows of coloured circles, and then attached to the cake (using edible glue)....

And then finally just made lots of food and the hungry caterpillar.... my william loved it :)

I love the white with the lovely bright colours...such a fab book

what do you think ??

Happy Baking

kelly xx

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  1. Love the colours! Great cake! xx