Thursday, 22 September 2011

How to make a penguin using sugar paste

After a few people asking how do you make penguins?  I decided to do a step by step guide...I also love making them and they are very easy....

So firstly using sugar paste here I have added a small amount of flower sugar paste to make the penguin a bit harder. Start with a ball of white paste

Then using colour paste (here i have used sugarflair liquorice) add a small amount and roll until mixed in.

Next seperate the ball into 3 balls 1 large (body) 1 medium(head) and then a 3rd ball which will be seperated into 2 for the penguins wings.

So next as mentioned seperate the ball for wings then flatten out and turn up just slightly at each end

Next attach wings to his body using a small amount of edible glue.

Now his head

Now to make this black ball look like a penguin....

add white belly and eyes!!

And now feet made from 2 small yellow balls of sugar paste and then a beak...i use black edible pen to make the eyes

Leave mr penguin to dry for a while and then add him to you cake or cupcakes....

You can add all sort of things to the penguin, hats scarves party hat etc...
and also how about club penguin ?

Have a go and leave a comment to let me know how you get on...

Happy Baking

Kelly xxx