Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Using Silicone Moulds With Sugarpaste And Chocolate

I love sitting making decorations by hand but i also love using silicone moulds to decorate cupcakes and cakes.

I have done a very simple quick step by step guide to using various moulds with using chocolate and also icing/fondant/sugar paste.

One of my favourite moulds in my shop right now is the dinosaur mould it has 12 dinosaurs 4 designs, i also have a lovely buttom mould in this range too.This step by step guide applies to both of these moulds.

My first how to is using chocolate or candy melts are great if you want different colours as i have here:

using the mould simply pour the melted candy melts or chocolate into the individual moulds and then pop into the fridge, it really is very simple to use no need for cornflour when using chocolate . leave for a good hour until completely hard then pop out of each mould. The moulds can be hand washed just with a bit of soapy water.
 Then pop onto your cupcakes so yummy and so much detail

Another way to use the moulds is with sugar paste although this can be a bit too soft ...so i would suggest mixing the sugar paste with some cmc hardner which is powder you add to normal ready to roll icing(sugarpaste/fondant) to make it firmer you only need a teaspoon to about 250g icing so it goes a long way. Or you can use flower sugar paste or to make it go further half sugar paste half flower paste.

Either way add colour to your sugarpaste then dust your mould well with cornflour tap excess out over the sink.

Next push your sugarpaste into each mould i haven't used any colour here for this demo so its just plain sugarpaste.

Now simply turn over and pop the shape out of the mould:

Leave to dry out slightly then pop onto your cake or cupcakes.

I also sell the individual moulds here i will show you how to use the smaller moulds. In these I just use sugarpaste I dont feel the mould is deep enough to add chocolate although you may disagree.

Heres a cupcake i made using the rose mould and leaf cutter, just add pink to sugarpaste to make the rose and green for the leaf.

Both the mould and cutter can be found in my shop,
Along with other cute moulds....

Hopefully this blog has been helpful to you all please feel free to leave a comment I always reply, and then pop along to my facebook page and have a peek in my shop.


thanks for reading

Happy Baking

Kelly xx

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