Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Using Jem Bow Cutter

I was asked today how to use the bow cutter that i sell in my online shop....
So here's how.

Firstly colour the flower sugar paste your chosen colour I coloured mine christmas green.  Then roll out thinly using your small rolling pin.

Next press on the bow cutter here I am using the largest in my shop size 3.

Next take out all the individual pieces they should come out very easily if you are struggling add a small amount of cornflour before hand and then tap out or use a cocktail stick to pick it out!

Using a small amount of edible glue or water and the back of a paintbrush roll both sides inward using the paintbrush to keep the loop open.

Now using the small tab add more edible glue or water and wrap around keep all the untidiness to the back of the bow as you wont see these when finished.

Next add the tails of the ribbon bows...

Turn over add to your cupcake or cake and done!!  Beautiful xx

The Jem Bow Cutters can be brought from my online facebook shop £4.50
I have the medium and small also in stock..

All parcels are posted 1st class to you xx

Have a go and let me know how you get on

Happy Baking

Kelly   xxx

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