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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Using Star Cutters And Wires In Cake

I thought I'd write a quick tutorial on using wires and star cutters with Flower Sugar Paste.

Colour your Flower sugar paste using colour paste, when its completely coloured roll out.
Using the star cutter cut out a few stars and insert wire(wire used is a 28#)There are various thickness to wires and each packet is labelled.
You may want to make the stars slightly thicker than normal.

A few of the wires were wrapped around a pen to make them look like springs.
For this cake i used 2 colours and made various size blue stars too and added 40 to a few...
Then leave to dry till set hard

Once the cake is made and the stars have set hard add them to the cake. For the stars pointing out of the top i pushed in a drinking straw to keep them in place....

Happy 40th Birthday Paul.

Have a go and let me know how you get on you can use all different shape cutters.....
Star Cutters, Sugar Florist Paste and other cutters available on my online shop.....

Happy Baking
Love Kelly

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