Sunday, 10 July 2011

Making Sugar Paste Figures

Work with a small amount of modeling paste or you can use 50% modeling and 50% sugar paste(icing) mixed together add your colour required I love Sugar flair colour pastes, blend until colour is mixed in

Now split the paste in half and roll both into equal sausages using edible glue stick into place
Next I use dried spaghetti but you can also use cocktail sticks (i think spaghetti is safer as it doesn't matter if its bitten through!!)
put the spaghetti upright to hold the body and head in place whilst glue dries

Next take another piece of sugar paste/modeling paste and colour for the body, I'm using green roll the paste into a ball

If the ball has creases in then put into the palm of your hand and using your other hand cup over the paste and roll the heat of your hand will get out any creases and make it smooth
next slightly make the top of the ball pointed but not sharp point see picture below the point is the chest/neck

Next add a small amount of glue to the legs where body will go and then push the body on to the legs carefully

So now your little figure needs arms using the paste roll 2 equal sausages and then glue in place i usually make the top where it fits the body slightly thinner you may need to hold in place for a few seconds whilst it sticks.

To make skin colour paste i use either brown or peach use tiny amounts you can always add more use a cocktail stick and just dab small amounts on then as before roll until equal colour.
Add the hand small balls slightly squished you don't need to add fingers unless its really needed.
Next a ball made for the head
Next we need to start making all the features it really isn't hard. add a strip of paste same colour as top, make sure the strip will reach around the neck the cut using one of your tools...this time using the Shell and Blade tool to cut the collar straight. These tools are brilliant instead of using knives as they don't mark your work surface. using the same tool after the collar has been put in place make a line down the top for the shirt opening

using 3 tiny balls of paste same colour as the face add 1 for the nose and 2 either side for the ears, i usually have the ears in front and just gently press a dent into it where it meets head so that it makes them more realistic, glue in place.Using the Tapered Cones 5/6 Tool i make the eyes and also the buttons down the shirt

Using the scallop and comb tool...which has to be one of the best tools i make a cute smile. This can also be used for sad faces, eyebrows ears etc..

next using the Bulbulous tool i make the glasses by wrapping wire (sugar paste florist wire) here I use #26 in silver

Here's his face done

To make hair i use paste in colour required and use small strips glued into place
Add feet i make 2 balls in colour required squish at end meeting legs and glue into place. hold for a few seconds as these can be a bit tricky and drop off.
then just personalise your figure this man loves ice cream and cupcakes so i put one in each hand.

This is my way that I make figures everyone makes them different and there is no right or wrong way as that's what makes your cake unique to your style.Its just a case of practising and using the right tools really helps
If you want more help leave a comment here and I will try to help but just have a go...any tools can be brought on my online facebook shop along with other cake supplies, new products are added all the time so keep looking

all products are posted out first class.

many thanks for reading and let me know how you get on
Kelly xx

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