Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Maisie Fantaisie Cupcake Wrappers Review

Being a cupcake maker and huge Maisie Fantaisie fan I am thrilled to be writing a review on their latest products Cupcake Wrappers.

Maisie Fantaisie was set up by May Clee-Cadman in 2003 , making the most beautiful cakes and writing great books, I am a proud owner of these they are fab!!

A few of you may be unfamiliar with cupcake wrappers they are not the cases that the cupcakes are baked in, they are the wrappers that go around a baked and decorated cupcake. They finish a cupcake making it extra special. Whether you cover all the cases on a stand or just a few it certainly leaves an impact that will have your guests talking.

I was very lucky to be sent 3 packets of cupcake wrappers and have used and used them.The great thing about these cupcake wrappers unlike most on the market is they are reusable. If they get butter cream on simply wash with warm water as the wrappers are not only grease proof they are also waterproof.The wrappers are 100%recyclable, but you're encouraged to use them over and over. (which you will do)

There are many designs to the collection from baby wrappers, polka dots, stripes, vintage, union jack, cars there without doubt is something in the collection to suit your occasion.

After a bit of research I found that these Cupcake Wrappers were also equivalent or in some cases cheaper than those already on the market, except those were made of card and once used had to be thrown away. I found them harder to use as they ripped or came undone, These Maisie Fantaisie wrappers close and stay closed.

The Cupcake Wrappers are available to buy on their website and there is no minimum order which is great if you are only wanting 1 packet

The cost of the cupcake wrappers are £7.95 which contain 12 wrappers (price correct June 2011)

Cupcake Wrappers are available from :