Thursday, 5 May 2011

How To Make A Teddy Bear Out Of Icing/Modelling Paste

I love making models for cakes and have been asked to make all sorts from buzz light year to people to homer take a look at my website to see my cakes But one of my favourites is making teddy bears so thought I'd do a how to :
 so firstly start with a ball of white icing or modelling paste which works best
Then using coloured paste (don't use runny food colours from supermarkets they don't work well for modelling) work a small amount of colour and i do mean small as in less than a pea size amount!! into the paste/icing.

you can get coloured paste from specialist shops or widely available on the Internet this one is from sugar flair but Wilton also do them.

Once worked in take a good size amount and work into a ball and then shape slightly cone like as below this is his body

Leave on a small board whilst you make the rest of his body.
Next take another reasonable amount of icing and roll into a ball and then into a sausage
Making sure the sausage shape is nice and smooth with no cracks cut 2 pieces off which will become the bears legs

Then using edible glue attach his legs
Then feet and arms
Again make a smaller ball and attach for bears head
Ok so the basic bear is made now just to add face and extra detail at this point teddy could be made to wear clothes, bows in hair etc...

And here he is finished ready to go on top of a little boys christening cake xx

Hope this post was helpful and if you have any comments or questions please leave them here and I'll reply

Happy Baking Kelly xx

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