Tuesday, 5 April 2011


It was William's birthday on 1st April my little April fool!! He was 3 we just had a little tea party for him and i made him a chocolate cupcake tower covered in retro sweets yummy!
And then I had the idea to make these cupcakes too, I'd only ever seen a photo of them so had to work out how best to make them...
I covered each cone with foil and then put them inside a muffin tin. Using a vanilla sponge mix i put a tablespoon of cake mixture into each cone and baked on 180 o'c for about 20 minutes. Once lovely and golden i put the cones to rest on a wired rack and took off the foil. Once cooled put a swirl of vanilla butter cream on sprinkles and a yummy flake. Fooled my children and guests and turned out great. The sponge was lovely and soft inside and the cones were just as they were before cooking.. try these they are fab !!


  1. They look amazing Kel. What a fabulous idea. x

  2. have a go they are really easy thanks for comment xx