Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Hand made mothers day cards !!

My lovely hand made cards from Sophie and charlie....
Charlie's reads..
C cakes you make are the best
U up and down to see what your up to
P perfect cake you make all the time
C carry on making your cakes please
A all of us knowing when they are cooked
K kindly you gave us love
E everyday you work till rest

M mum my heart will always be with you
U up until the end
M mum you know i love you

and Sophie's reads......
my mummy is special because she is the cupcake queen
she is beautiful
my mummy is the right mummy
i love my mummy  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

These were so sweet made me cry! just had to share them with you all xxx
hope you mums out there all had a lovely day xxxx

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