Saturday, 23 April 2011

Monkey Forest Trentham

We are very lucky to have some great attractions near us and yesterday we decided to visit the Monkey Forest in Trentham, staffordshire. Richard and I took 4 of our 5 children Emily was still away on her hols with her friend.
The park is reasonable priced I've included a link here so that you can visit yourself.

I had visited the forest a couple of times before but Richard had never been. The actually monkey park is behind locked gates and the monkeys roam freely, you can get very close to them. It was especially lovely as lots of babies have been born lately and if you looked very carefully you can see them tucked under their mummy's tummys. The slightly bigger babies are more adventurous and venture further away from their mums.
Daily feeds are viewed by the public at quarter past the hour on the hour. Which is fun to watch fights and squabbles break out which reminds me of my house at meal times!!

The weather was fab, normally your not allowed to take drinks into the actually monkey park, but as it was so hot it was allowed.The kids had a great time it was brill as you walked through the park the trees are huge with monkeys swinging overhead.

I love this photo a rare moment of quiet with the little ones,shame Emily wasn't in this photo too :(
All in all the day was enjoyed we stayed and had dinner in their cafe. The negative points of the day which i feel need to be pointed out for any wheelchair user is the huge hill that you first had to climb!!! PHEW then carefully come back down the other side...poor charlie was a little freaked out that I would let go. And the other point I feel needs to be looked at is toilets, only one disabled/baby change toilet in the whole park which means lots of queues in peak time...
We wont let that put us off visiting again fab fab day, Whilst your there make a day of it visit the lakes, gardens and Trentham shopping/garden center.
Lovely memories xxx

Saturday, 9 April 2011


I was recently sent the book Five Minute Bread by the authors Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois. Now as a lover of bread but as a novice of bread making I jumped at the chance. Especially as this book as quoted in the title says 5 minutes.
In an ideal world we would all make bread from scratch every day, but just don't have the time! The book offers a revolutionary way of baking with no bread machine and no it already.
So after reading the book and its a huge book (with more recipes than I'd ever even heard of) tonight i have made my first batch of dough.
I used my kitchen aid but you can do it by hand or in any other mixer. Its now sitting happily on my kitchen side in a container rising happily. Tonight I will pop it in the fridge before I go to bed and in the morning it will be popped in the oven...So far this is where the recipe is different from any I've tried before. No kneading and then I'm putting it in the fridge. The recipe says that the dough will last up till 14 days in the fridge and you just take a lump out when needed ! fab..... so I'm hoping for scrambled egg on homemade toasted bread for lunch tomorrow.....

Look out for review and more photos wish me luck!!!

Friday, 8 April 2011

First wedding of 2011 !!

The ordering of these wedding cupcakes and cake was all done via email...I never met the couple until they picked them up this morning. Luckily to say they liked them PHEW!!!!
 The bride had told me the colour scheme was white gold and silver i thought perhaps they may be slightly bland as i am a huge fan of colour but i was wrong they were beautiful and very classy like the bride :)
The top cake was vanilla in white icing with pretty anemones and the couples initials in gold with matching ribbon.That was put on the top tier...

The cupcakes were made in the flavours, vanilla, lemon and white chocolate and had hand made icing decorations on. hearts, anemones, roses and edible gold leaf stars. the cases were also in gold and silver and on a 5 tier stand.
Hoping all the rest of this years weddings go as smoothly very pleased with these...what do you think??

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Hand made mothers day cards !!

My lovely hand made cards from Sophie and charlie....
Charlie's reads..
C cakes you make are the best
U up and down to see what your up to
P perfect cake you make all the time
C carry on making your cakes please
A all of us knowing when they are cooked
K kindly you gave us love
E everyday you work till rest

M mum my heart will always be with you
U up until the end
M mum you know i love you

and Sophie's reads......
my mummy is special because she is the cupcake queen
she is beautiful
my mummy is the right mummy
i love my mummy  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

These were so sweet made me cry! just had to share them with you all xxx
hope you mums out there all had a lovely day xxxx

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


It was William's birthday on 1st April my little April fool!! He was 3 we just had a little tea party for him and i made him a chocolate cupcake tower covered in retro sweets yummy!
And then I had the idea to make these cupcakes too, I'd only ever seen a photo of them so had to work out how best to make them...
I covered each cone with foil and then put them inside a muffin tin. Using a vanilla sponge mix i put a tablespoon of cake mixture into each cone and baked on 180 o'c for about 20 minutes. Once lovely and golden i put the cones to rest on a wired rack and took off the foil. Once cooled put a swirl of vanilla butter cream on sprinkles and a yummy flake. Fooled my children and guests and turned out great. The sponge was lovely and soft inside and the cones were just as they were before cooking.. try these they are fab !!