Thursday, 10 March 2011

Marry Me Again.....!!!! How We Got Here

I met my husband Richard when I was 17 and he was 23.. after a couple of months we got engaged and a month later I turned 18 and we brought our first house.

 In 1998 Emily arrived she was a gorgeous baby and so chilled with thick dark hair which later turned blonde. When Emily was 2 Charlie arrived and we planned our wedding. Charlie was born with cerebral palsy and it was a really difficult time. We got married on 18th August 2001. It was a lovely day but we had a lot of worry with charlie at this time. Then in 2004 Sophie arrived we had a c section because of the difficult birth I had with Charlie. She came into the world 3 weeks early and loudly which should of been a sign of things to come....Shes very vocal !! Next to join our family was max he arrived in 2006 also by c section he was our quiet little baby.The baby that you could take any where and would be happy to sit quiet peacefully, that was until he turned 20 months. At this point I had our 5th baby which was William who was a little monkey from the moment he arrived . Max was having a lot of issues at this point which came over night it was like he woke up a different child and never changed back. We had a dreadful time and as a mum i knew something wasn't right after a long process max was diagnosed with learning difficulties, autism and has hearing aids in both ears.
So here we are in 2011 and this year is our 10th wedding anniversary (and 15 years together)so as a surprise for Richard I decided to book to renew our wedding vows (18th August)and luckily when I asked him he said yes. We've come such a long way through some very tough times and think it may have broke many couples up so this day is a way of us showing our children and each other we've got through it and that it made us stronger and still love each other.
You would never choose these things to happen to you but actually I feel like it made me a better mummy I appreciate every little thing my children do and am very proud of them all xxxx

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  1. Kel,even though I know you, Richard and the kids,reading this has just made me realise what a rollercoaster you've had. I have got so much respect for you and how you manage to look after your family so well and now the business too. Just wanted to say that!! Zoe xx