Sunday, 6 March 2011

Busy baking week some of the cakes I made...

Its been such a busy week and at one point I could have done with more hours in the day..but luckily managed to finish all the cakes in time...
Unfortunately this week the memory card in my camera broke and so there were some cupcakes which went out that I didn't manage to get photos of.... here's the ones I did.

Thomas The Tank Engine for a little boy who was 1

Snakes,spiders and bugs cake for Thomas who was 7
Tori's christening cake

A wolves vanilla 50th birthday cake

Giant cupcake with butterflies and daisies

40 cupcakes for a 40th birthday these had musical notes, guitars and rugby balls and were in the flavours, lemon, palma violet, rocky road, red velvet and white chocolate with rosewater buttercream..yummy!
So as well as these cakes I made Sophies birthday cakes and cupcakes 5 boxes of carrot cupcakes, anniversary cupcakes and birthday cupcakes for a sorry I was unable to take these photos!!

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