Thursday, 17 February 2011

Moving, baking, and being a mum!!

  Another busy day today, William has managed to go back to playschool now that his chicken pox has gone, he looked like he was pleased to see everyone. So was I, a day to myself to get things done before half term next week....or so I thought.
  My sister and her fiance and little baby are moving into the street next to me and so the day turned into helping them with moving and waiting for keys! !  I ended up with little baby Logan who was an angel...bless him he's so beautiful. (I know i'm biased)

So then quick dash to school to fetch children who then all wanted to see my sisters house :)
  After feeding, writing birthday invitations with sophie, bathing, stories and bed, all 5 children were asleep. So back into the kitchen to tackle this 2 cakes into 1. So worried how I was going to do it. One side has girly shoes and is pink the other side is builder and blue. I'll put photos on tomorrow after it has been picked up. Fingers crossed she likes it.  Any way for tonight I need to sleep going to see Charlie's assembly tomorrow, hes been given an award so that should be fun, then more baking!!
Good night xx


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