Friday, 18 February 2011


Today started lovely I went to school to see charlie (above) get an award for achievement.His award was for gymnastics with help from his assistant he did a forward roll and backwards roll.As you can probably tell charlie has cerebral palsy and unable to walk. So this was a huge thing for him....tears were streaming down my face I really tried not to cry. So proud of him this is the little boy who doctors told us would not walk or talk or feed himself.Ok so we know he wont walk but if that doctor could see him now he would have to take back everything else !! He amazes me with how he gets on with life he has the best sense of humor.I hope one day you read this charlie and know I have always been proud to say I'm your mummy xxx

So after that rather emotional start to the morning had to make 2 boxes of banoffee cupcakes ready to be collected with the 2 in 1 cake..... after tea the cake was collected and i'm so glad to say that she thought it was fab!!!!   PHEW
It was so tricky to get every detail in the cake. But here as promised is a photo of the cake
So this is the blue side and had to have builder things and dad and age 60 on
And this is the pink side for the customers sister, with shoes and handbags and Tory on.

I hope they enjoyed tucking into this cake(it was chocolate fudge)and happy birthday to Tory and Martin x

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